In the beginning:
• There was just one. One guy who had the dream of earning his meals by working with computer graphics. He made small games and animations and learned code all by himself at lunch break in school because no one wanted to teach him. (Actually such a course wasn't offered in the school). After grade 12 was behind him & his desire was still strong, he made 2 large investments into his future; he bought his own computer and went to college.
• The young man attended college at Applied Multimedia Training Centres in Winnipeg, MB. 12 months of intensive training led to a successful graduation, earning a Diploma for Multimedia Design & Communication.
• Seeing a demand and opportunity, he decided that the best way to serve the community with his talents and enthusiasm was to open his own business, designing and creating custom multimedia solutions for small businesses and for peoples' personal needs.
August 30, 2001 was officially registered, the web site was posted, & the final stages of openning for business continued.
October 1, 2001
• Open for business! Official launch date for The Media Guy.
September, 2002
• In traditional Media Guy style, we expanded our services as our clients required. Custom built computers, used computer sales, maintenance and repairs were added to our list of quality products and services.
July, 2003
• Our efforts were rewarded when a unique opportunity to sell replacement inkjet & toner cartridges was awarded to The Media Guy. We are now able to offer a much more affordable solution to outrageously overpriced inkjet cartridges, and offer significant savings in toner cartridges.
Yet to come...
• We at The Media Guy are optimistically looking forward, excited to help others & to collectively create the solutions that will meet or exceed the needs and expectations of everyone that we serve.