The Media Guy custom builds new computers for those who desire quality, price and durability. Here's what we offer:

  • We evaluate your needs, and custom build a computer to fit your budget.
  • Instead of a pre-built, mass produced computer with economy parts, Every component is specially selected for quality & to suit your needs.
  • You don't pay for extra parts you don't need, so you can increase the overall quality of the computer without paying lots of extra money.
  • All of our systems are built with the future in mind. They are expandable & upgradeable to save you money in the future.
  • We offer a regular maintenance program to keep your computer running in top condition for many years.
  • We take your old computer in trade for even better prices.
Contact us today & find out how a quality,
custom built computer can save you money!

Older computers that are traded in, are completely restored, possibly upgraded, rigorously tested, and then are made available for purchase. Therefore our selection is constantly changing... contact us for more details!