If your computer is slowing down, but you can't justify buying new one... Let us restore it's performance with a quality tune-up or upgrade!

    Maintenance: The key to continued performance.
    • There are a number of inexpensive ways to maintain your computer's speed & performance... Let us increase your productivity & save you money.
    • We have maintenance options that will restore your computer back to it's original performance, & can show you ways to keep it there.
    • Sometimes a small, inexpensive upgrade can dramatically increase the performance of your computer.
    Repair: An affordable alternative to replacement.
    • Something stopped working? We can diagnose & repair or replace the defective components for you.
    • It only takes one small problem to disable the whole unit, and a simple repair may get you back to work quickly & affordably.
    • If you decide that the repair is not worth doing, we even take your broken computer as credit towards the purchase of a new or used unit!

Contact us today & find out why our complete restoral service is so popular!